Clothing Attire

16 Nov

Leave it to Beaver

Ward, the father from the Cleaver family is always seen wearing a shirt and a suit.  He is always well dressed and put together.  His attire symbolizes the white collared job he has and the fact that he is economically in a good place, for he dresses to impress.  Even when he sips on coffee after he has returned to his home after a day at work, he still wears collared shirts, although his is within a more relaxed environment in his home.  Ward also sports his collar shirts when he goes play gold at the country club.  Due to the lifestyle that he leads, Ward must always look presentable and well put together.

Even though June stays at home most of her time, she is always wearing either a skirt or a dress.  This is because in the 1950’s, women were not only expected to be homemakers but they were also expected to look nice and considered “eye candy”.   From the very moment she wakes up and is ready to serve breakfast, her hair is perfect and her dresses crisp and ironed.  It is interesting to note that on a Christmas episode, while Wally and Beaver sported their robes and her husband a very casual outfit, June wore a tight dress and a formal bun on her hair.  This once again shows how a woman in the 1950’s was expected to do her chores as a housewive but also look nice in her dresses and jewelry.  Not only was this an expectation but it also proved a certain status; the more well dressed you were, the more economic prosperity you enjoyed.

Lastly, Wally and Beaver’s attire changed for each ocassion.  For when they were at home, they would usually sport simple shirts and for Christmas, they are seen wearing their pijamas.  However, when they went to school and the breakfast table before heading there, they would wear nice shirts along with pants and a belt.  The childrens’ clothing expectations were not as restricted as their parents, for they also had other necessities; one of the most important ones being comfort.


Clothes are used as a way of expression for many people. The way a person dresses can tell you lot from them. There are many factors that can contribute to the clothing attire people wear. We see that in Modern Family the roles the characters play is what determines the clothes they wear.

Let’s take a look at Cam, shall we. His role is a gay father who is the feminine one in the relationship. The way we can tell he is the feminine one is by looking at the color of his shirts. For the most part he is always wearing colorful shirts and is the character that wears pink most often. I guess he could be considered “flamboyant”. His partner is a lawyer so therefor he dresses up more than Cam. You typically see him wearing suits and he tends to wear darker colors, hence the more masculine one.

If you look at the character Gloria, her role is being the hot and young wife of the older man. She is a very voluptuous woman and is often wearing clothes that show her assets. She wears pant/shorts that accentuate her hips and butt by being very fitted. As well as her shirts being v-neck and showing her cleavage. Also you see her wearing heels in almost every episode even when she is at home. This is used to keep up her role of being hot because we associate heels with sophistication and hotness.

But of course we also have to have the more conservative traditional mother. Claire is the usual stay at home mom and sure dresses for her role. She is seen wearing the typical “mom jeans” that are not fitted at all and do not flatter her body. The shirts that she wears tend to cover up her assets and if they are a bit revealing she is wearing a cardigan on top of it. Heels are not typically seen on her, she is usually wearing sneakers or sandals.

Too further look into the Modern Family typical clothing attire, watch the video below!


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